MGMA was using an unstable, fragmented CMS that offered limited options for growth. The team was ready for a reliable and extensible platform to serve as a solid foundation for future projects. Among its priorities, the team wanted the new platform to handle huge amounts of content, provide a customizable e-commerce shopping cart and deliver responsive layouts for an improved mobile experience.

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Associations and non-profits
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MGMA and BlueModus® migrated the association’s website to the Kentico CMS, taking advantage of the CMS’s built-in taxonomy feature and creating a logical folder structure that organized all 10,000 pieces of content. Our solution also incorporated Kentico’s e-commerce, responsive design, and online marketing features—for a future-ready platform, which we continue to support today.

“The site launched as planned—and the final product was light years ahead of where we were prior to being on the Kentico platform. BlueModus has the in-depth knowledge in content structure, taxonomy, search and governance that we needed to get all the content in line with CMS best practices."

Nate Kresse

Senior Development Manager