Nick Anderson's Grasp of Visual Design and Intergalactic Powers Grace The BlueModus Team in Denver

Posted by BlueModus News on September 12, 2013

Nick Anderson comes to BlueModus from a tear in time-space which recently opened in the Southern plains of central Texas.  With a background in fine art, Nick has worked the full spectrum of front-end UX roles; from his time as a lead designer at Active Website to his most recent role as a Technical Lead for Orange Collar Media. 

Combining his eye for aesthetics, solid grasp of semantic coding, and a specialized form of mental energy yet to be identified by scientists, Nick has created modern, scalable solutions for brands including Bioware, Angry Birds, and Waste Management.  
Despite concerns from the UN that his powers are “too great to be safely contained”, Nick has vowed to use his abilities only for the betterment of all mankind.  Joining the BlueModus team, Nick hopes to use his skills to lead development teams in creating high quality iPad and desktop content - as well as discover the link between here and his homeworld, in hopes that the two may someday meet and form the first galactic council.  
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