Dave Conder to Present at Boston and Chicago Kentico Roadshows

BlueModus News - October 19, 2017

Next week, BlueModus CTO Dave Conder will be a presenter at two Kentico Roadshows, first in Boston on Tuesday, October 24th, followed by Chicago on Thursday, October 26th. This free event series, presented by the Kentico team itself, provides the latest news, product updates, insights, and plans from the Kentico world.


Three Reasons Why You Don't Want a Data Warehouse

Nik Friedman TeBockhorst - October 17, 2017

The data warehouse. It used to be the gold standard for business intelligence. Simply take the data from all of your sources, merge and normalize it, and put a suite of powerful analytics tools on top of it in order to drive your business forward. Five or ten years ago, this was a necessity for a true 360° view of a business. However today, a data warehouse is probably a waste of time and money for your business, for three very important reasons:


BlueModus Augments its Systems Administration Team

BlueModus News - October 16, 2017

BlueModus is happy to welcome Chris Saunders to its team of technology experts. Chris, who joined our Denver team this past month as an Associate Systems Administrator, brings over three years’ experience in the information technology space as an Army Reserve IT Specialist, and holds an Associates Degree in Network Infrastructure. Prior to changing roles to IT Specialist, Chris spent eight years with the Army Reserve as a CH-47D mechanic and helicopter crew member.


Meet Roper – Corporate Dog

BlueModus News - October 13, 2017

At our Denver BlueModus office we love our four-legged friends. One of the perks of our dog-friendly location is that on a daily basis we can look forward to one or two of our furry pals patrolling the office, attending a few meetings and making sure we didn't drop our lunch on the floor. One such corporate dog is Roper, owned by UX/UI Developer Chad Dugas.


Planning on Taking the Kentico Certified Developer exam? Read this First.

Sandro Jankovic - October 11, 2017

The Kentico Certified Developer exam is a worthy challenge for anyone skilled in designing applications and websites on the Kentico platform. Earning your certification is a mark of prestige that distinguishes you from other developers in the Kentico market.


Women in Digital Kicks off in Denver

BlueModus News - October 09, 2017

Women in Digital is an organization with a mission to connect women in digital through engaging and educational events. They will be holding their first-ever Meet-Up in the Denver area on Wednesday, October 18th, and BlueModus is proud to be the sponsor of this kick-off event.


BlueModus Continues to Grow Front End Development Team

BlueModus News - October 06, 2017

The BlueModus team is excited to welcome Grant Rowley as the newest expert to its expanding front end development team. With more than five years of graphic design and web development experience under his belt, Grant has joined the Denver BlueModus office as a UX/UI Developer.


BlueModus Day 2017: Our Special Tradition Continues

Tom Whittaker - October 04, 2017

This past Friday was one of my favorite days of the year: BlueModus Day, where our company closes down for the day and all of our colleagues spend the day together. This was my second year experiencing this amazing tradition.