Kentico 11 is on the horizon - Here's what to expect

Posted by BlueModus News on November 02, 2017

The latest version of the Kentico platform is scheduled for release in just a few weeks, and like previous major releases, it comes both highly anticipated, as well as full of exciting new features and improvements. Major areas of enhancement for Kentico 11 include updated tools for email marketing and campaign management, as well as broader integration capabilities.

Email Marketing Tools

Kentico 11 features a completely redesigned Email Builder tool. It will include a drag-and-drop feature for creation of newsletters and campaigns, on par with tools provided by specialized mail programs such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact, but with the important bonus that all data and automated workflows are already included within the Kentico instance. There will also be an in-browser preview view for desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to upgraded email features, digital marketers will also be able to take advantage of Kentico 11's new device-agnostic form builder, which provides enhanced support for HTML5 input types, including phone, email, number, datetime, and url, among others. This will allow for improved user experience when filling out forms on mobile and non-web platforms.

Campaign Management

Also included are new tools within the Campaign Management interface. Digital marketers will be able to better analyze how they’re reaching their customers with new insights into campaigns and newsletters, contact touch points, and persona history. These enhanced tools will also help marketers to delve deeper into social referral traffic, to identify best-performing channels for bringing in site visitors.
Kentico’s director of product, Karol Jarkovsky, explains another valuable component of the upcoming campaign management feature set: “A lot of other tools make you terminate existing campaigns in order to start new ones. So if you learn from your data and want to make a tweak, many platforms force you [to delete your progress and start again]. With Kentico 11, data won’t be lost in this way, as campaigns will be continuously reconfigured, not restarted."

New Integrations

Kentico 11 will also enhance the ecommerce and marketing capabilities of the platform through several new integrations:

  • Integration with UCommerce will provide improved streamlined functionality for creating an ecommerce store with the platform, including expanded product management, refunds, and a new API to leverage within projects.

  • Kentico 11 will also feature a Salesforce CRM integration. Through leveraging the sales and marketing data in both powerful platforms, this will allow for more effective connection with a website audience and a better understanding of customer journeys.

  • In Version 11, support of Azure Search indexes will also allow for integration of existing site content into Azure Search, in order to provide faster, smarter, and more customized search experiences for Kentico site users.

Our BlueModus team is already excited about this upcoming release and its multitude of new features and capabilities. As the #1 Kentico Solution Partner worldwide, we'd be more than happy to discuss if an upgrade or migration to Kentico 11 is right for you. Contact us today to get started!