Helping Denver's Neediest

Posted by BlueModus News on November 05, 2014

Denver Rescue MissionAs the holiday season approaches and the temperatures drop, we know many of our city's most disadvantaged citizens will need a growing amount of assistance. In an effort to help, as part of its BlueModus Gives Back Program, BlueModus® has donated $500 this November to the Denver Rescue Mission. This wonderful organization has been providing invaluable services to needy Coloradoans for well over 100 years.

The Denver Rescue Mission's core objective is to meet people at their physical point of need. It offers emergency services such as food, shelter, medical care and human services to thousands of needy people throughout the year. It also provides rehabilitation and family services to those in need, with the ultimate goal to provide them the tools to be productive, self-sufficient citizens.

To learn more about the Denver Rescue Mission and its services, visit their website at