BlueModus Donates $500 to Support Suicide Prevention

BlueModus News - May 31, 2016

AFSP logoAs part of its monthly Give Back campaign, BlueModus has made a $500 donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). The foundation's primary mission is to prevent loss of life from suicide. They fund research, education, prevention, advocacy and survivor programs to assist those affected by this heartbreaking issue


Kentico Tip: How to Remove the Preview Mode

Dave Conder - May 25, 2016

It's always important to preview content changes before they are published, and Kentico easily provides the ability to do so. While this is a great feature, it also creates an unwanted side effect when you’re working in the Pages application.

Today, I'll explain the best ways to work around this issue.


5 Myths About Optimizing Your Site for SEO

Nik Friedman TeBockhorst - May 20, 2016

Building SEO for your website is a combination of three main elements: Creating great content, link building, and technically optimizing your site so that search engines have an easy time understanding and indexing your content. Often times this sort of technical SEO gets particular attention because, frankly, for many businesses, it’s both faster and less labor intensive than continuously writing and publicizing fresh high-quality content.


Reaching the Summit of Product Management Success

Wayne Applehans - May 11, 2016

Facing a daunting product management project? We've all been there. Last month I introduced “Agile on the Mountaintop”, as a lesson in how product owners can achieve new heights in product delivery despite the steep challenges they often face.

In summary, there ain't no mountain high enough, that you can't conquer it with the right attitude and resources.


The Future of Strategy: Don't Forget the Technology

Brant Cline - May 06, 2016

What is the defining factor that makes a digital agency a Full Service Digital Agency? In the last few months I’ve found myself involved in several different conversations around this question. While no one seems to know of any overarching authority to attempt to answer this question, everyone without hesitation comes up with the same answer. Strategy.