It Gets Used - The Benefits of Integrated Marketing Automation

Nik Friedman TeBockhorst - March 30, 2016

Having worked in direct digital marketing and marketing automation, I’ve seen my share of implementations. Most follow the same pattern: big dreams of new revenue, the implementation of a multi-touch outbound campaign, some focused landing pages, and the requisite contact push to SalesForce (usually based on activity rather than any sort of lead scoring).


BlueModus Achieves Kentico Marketer Certification

BlueModus News - March 28, 2016

Kentico Certified Marketer badgeBlueModus, the full-service technology agency, is honored to announce that its Executive Director of Account Services, Nik Freidman TeBockhorst has recently achieved Kentico's Marketer Certification. Of the more than 1,000 worldwide Kentico solution partners, only a select few individuals to date have accomplished this accreditation.


Seven Strategies for the Perfect Project Kickoff

Katie Blatherwick - March 21, 2016

If you've ever been to a kickoff meeting, you know it can set a tone for the entire project. A chaotic or disorganized beginning, in which team members don't clearly understand their roles and everyone leaves with a different understanding of the schedule does not bode well. Conversely, a well-structured, organized initial kickoff meeting can lay the groundwork for project success.


HPNN Site Nets BlueModus and Edelman a Kentico 2015 Site of the Year Win

BlueModus News - March 17, 2016

Kentico 2015 Site of the YearBlueModus, the digital marketing technology and solutions leader, is proud to announce that the HP News Now (HPNN) intranet site, developed in partnership with Edelman, has won Kentico's prestigious Site of the Year, in the category of "Best Intranet."


Accessibility Beyond Compliance: Four Tips for Website Success

Brant Cline - March 10, 2016

In August of 2008, Target Corporation settled a class action lawsuit with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). The initial lawsuit, filed in 2006, claimed that blind people were unable to access much of the information on Target's website, nor purchase anything from its website independently. Target paid substantial legal fees for the 2-year battle above and beyond the $6 million damages of the settlement.


Tim Colton Latest Kentico Expert to Join BlueModus Team

BlueModus News - March 07, 2016

Tim ColtonBlueModus is pleased to announce that Tim Colton has been named the latest addition to its growing web development team. Tim joins the Denver BlueModus office as a Senior Software Developer, and is already a familiar face around the office, having worked with the company over the past year on a contract basis.


Five Questions to Answer Before Scoping your Website Refresh

Nik Friedman TeBockhorst - March 02, 2016

There are lot of different approaches to revamping and modernizing your website, from giving it a new coat of paint and updating the branding, to adding some new functionality, switching technology platforms, all the way up to truly rebuilding and re-imagining your web presence. Depending on your technology platform and choices made in the past, you may have a lot of options available to you, or very few, but in all instances, a review of these five questions will point you in the right direction.