BlueModus iPad Application Brings Back Memories for NFL Fans

Posted by BlueModus News on June 09, 2013

Denver, CO – January 9, 2012 - BlueModus, a solution provider for creative and interactive agencies that deliver on the promise of big digital ideas, has successfully crossed the boundary in the mobile virtual reality experience with Android™ and iOS® platform solutions that mix the digital and the physical worlds.

One recent iOS application, the “Bacardi Championship Rings” project, developed in conjunction with Austin, TX based agency What Will They Do Next? featured an innovative, interactive iPad® experience utilizing virtual experiential reality. Plastic finger rings (acting as targets for the application) were distributed that were printed with the numbers '71, '77, '92, '93, '95 (the years the Cowboys won SuperBowls). Consumers could wear the rings, then point them towards the application on an iPad screen where the ring appeared on the screen as the Championship Ring for the Dallas Cowboys for the respective championship year. The image could then be saved, emailed to the consumer’s account, and shared via social media.

The experience was unique to bars in and around Cowboy Stadium and the Dallas area, and while nearly 10,000 consumers experienced the augmented reality, they then shared it with countless others via the Web.

“The fun thing about creating new exciting experiences is jumping over hurdles that have not been jumped to that point,” said Doug Lyon, Chief Idea Officer at What Will They Do Next?. “We created an experience, not just an application, and by doing that we took applications to a whole new level.”

The interactive Bacardi Championship Ring experience is just one example of BlueModus pushing technology boundaries in web-based development. The company has a rich heritage of Research and Development that is on the lookout for the most relevant of the newest technologies to assist creative and interactive agencies in achieving inspired results.

“We try to let the technology speak through the creative idea,” said BlueModus president Dave Baumgarten. “In conjunction with our creative and digital marketing partners, we provide full-service technical capabilities to rapidly deploy and support solutions on behalf of their clientele.”

About BlueModus

Founded in 2001, BlueModus is a digital technology agency that has developed and integrated hundreds of dynamic, interactive applications for our global clients and agency partners, including: Bacardi Global Brands, Cisco Systems, Gap, Aon Hewitt, McKesson, Bayer Healthcare, Shire, and many others. Typically partnering with digital marketing teams and creative design agencies, BlueModus creates and supports robust Web applications and digital marketing initiatives.