Three Technologies I'm Excited to Try in 2017

Posted by Nik Friedman TeBockhorst on January 10, 2017

As 2017 gets into gear, here are three technologies I’m super excited about right now and wanted to share. I plan to dig into each of these technologies throughout the next few months.

1. Kentico 10

Kentico 10 is an incremental upgrade to the Kentico platform with some huge implications. A great many of my frustrations with marketing functionality have been eliminated (particularly those with outbound email), the campaign management is more streamlined, and most importantly - it scales! 
If you haven’t downloaded it already, take a look at the whitepaper we put together that breaks it all down.

2. AI-Driven Analytics


The big trend in analytics right now is definitely adding “intelligence” into the mix. All the major players are in the game, with Google’s assistant popping up in my spreadsheets to tell me what my data means (and it even responds to natural language questions), IBM’s Watson is opening up a plethora of new services, and tools like ClearStory turn complex metrics into storyboards. It looks like this is just the very beginning of the AI-driven analytics trend, but the potential for businesses without full-time analysts is already tremendous.

3. Code Combat

A co-worker turned me on to Code Combat ( It’s an interactive game that teaches programming. Unlike most game-to-program things, this one teaches real programing in JavaScript or Python, and even includes real, typed code from the first level. I’ve been meaning to brush up on my JavaScript skills, and this is just the site to encourage me to do so. I’m working on turning my daughter on to it, too.
What technology are you planning to dive into this year? Leave me a comment to let me know…I'm always looking for something new!

Nik Friedman TeBockhorst
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