In Support of Furthering Adult Education

Posted by BlueModus News on January 09, 2015

CAELIt has been predicted that by the year 2020, there will be 123 million high-skills high-pay jobs available in the United States, but only 50 million Americans with sufficient educational skills to fill them. One organization that is working hard to address this crucial education gap is the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). The organization's primary objective is to make it easier for people to get the education and training they need to succeed.

CAEL supports adults of various backgrounds and circumstances in accessing the education necessary to achieve their career goals. They also work closely with employers, colleges and universities, and especially workplace developers to build efficient systems that strengthen the United States' national competitiveness and help adult learners prosper.

As part of its BlueModus Gives Back Program, BlueModus has donated $500 to CAEL to support the work of this exemplary organization. Additionally, due to a generous dollar-for-dollar matching campaign celebrating CAEL's 40th anniversary, an additional $500 has been donated in support of adult education.

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