Bad news does not get better with time. Managing client EXPECTATION.

Katie Blatherwick - December 28, 2015

As you may recall from last month’s post, The Three E’s in managing software development are: empathy, expectation and exhibit. Last month’s focus was on empathy. This post will focus on the next of The Three E’s: Expectation.


Warm Meals on a Cold December Day

BlueModus News - December 15, 2015

Denver Rescue MissionWhen there's record-breaking snowfall in the Denver area, as there was today, a lot of the BlueModus staff ends up working from home as a result. While our team was grateful that we didn't all have to commute through nearly a foot of snow, the few brave souls who did make it into the office realized that the day's pre-ordered lunch was way more than they would ever consume.


Introducing Kentico Draft: Solving the Content Entry Dilemma

Brant Cline - December 10, 2015

There were many takeaways from the recent Kentico Connection Conference in Orlando worth writing about. The one I'd like to focus on today is the announcement of Kentico Draft, a new cloud-based content entry service. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of Kentico Draft, here’s a quick overview.


BlueModus donates $500 to the Denver Rescue Mission

BlueModus News - December 08, 2015

Denver Rescue MissionAs part of its BlueModus Gives Back Program, as well as today's Colorado Gives Day, BlueModus has donated $500 to the Denver Rescue Mission. This wonderful organization has been providing vital services to needy Coloradoans for more than 100 years.


Kentico 9 is Released - Our First Impressions

Dave Conder - December 03, 2015

Kentico 9 was released last week, and the BlueModus team has been working with pre-release builds for a few months, so we’re starting to get a good feel for the new release. Version 9 is a great step forward for the platform, and we’re excited to start building solutions with it.
In this article, I'll provide our initial impressions and thoughts about the major new features.