Dave Conder to Present Can't Miss Kentico Cloud Webinar

Posted by BlueModus News on August 31, 2017

Looking to build a quick and easy way to produce a mini-site, but not sure where to start? Then you'll definitely want to register for next week's Kentico and BlueModus webinar, "How to Expedite Production of a Mini-site using Kentico Cloud." This free webinar will be presented by our very own BlueModus CTO and founder Dave Conder, next Wednesday September 6, 2017, at 12:00 PM MDT (10 AM PDT, 2 PM EDT).

Dave will be demonstrating how BlueModus leveraged the Kentico Cloud content hub to rapidly develop and deliver our recently-launched marketing mini-site at goteam.blue, showing both results and back-end structure of the site build.
Attendees will learn how our team utilized Kentico Cloud's key features, including the advantages of a single content repository, bootstrapping a theme to expedite production, the ease of taxonomy content types and categories, and tailored workflow.
Click here to register for this webinar. To learn more about the advantages of implementing a cloud-first headless CMS and Kentico Cloud, visit their website here.
About BlueModus
Founded in 2001, BlueModus is a best-in-class technology agency that has architected, integrated and supported over 1,000 digital solutions for agency partners, 20 Fortune 500 clients and enterprise clients. As the #1 global Kentico Solution Partner, with over 200 production experts, we collaborate with enterprise marketing teams, digital agencies, and over 50 solutions partners, to help clients achieve transformational digital marketing initiatives.
About Kentico Cloud
Kentico Cloud is the cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform. Users can manage structured content for multi-channel delivery, use the API-first CMS to display that content on any website or device, and track visitor interactions to personalize the digital experience.