A Helping Hand From Across the Globe

Posted by BlueModus News on April 06, 2016

Sometimes we run into situations in life where small amounts of money can make a significant difference in people's lives. This month's BlueModus Give Back campaign donation is such a tale, coming from across the world, in Gulu, Uganda.

Gulu, Uganda. Photo courtesy of Steve Walters
Elizabeth Corless, a missionary living in Gulu, as well as a cousin of a BlueModus employee, reached out last week with the following story:

"The short of it, a 12-year-old boy near and dear to my heart found out yesterday he has hepatitis B.

The long of it, his 20-year-old sister, also near and dear to my heart, is taking care of him. She does not have the money to take him to test to see if the hepatitis is dormant. If it is dormant he can take medicine to prevent it from being active. If it is not dormant he will have to seek further treatment.

There are three tests he urgently needs and if he does not get the treatment, it could be deadly. Would you be able to help?"

The 12-year-old, David, and his older sister, Betty. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Corless
The cost of these tests, an amount many Americans would not think twice about spending for medical care, would be a potential lifesaver for this boy in need. BlueModus was happy to be among Elizabeth's friends to quickly respond, to provide the urgently needed funds.

The BlueModus team is glad we could help have an impact on this family's life from thousands of miles away. Just today we received the following, wonderful update from Elizabeth:

"Amazing news! After testing we found out the hepatitis is dormant, which means his life is not a risk! He has to wait two weeks to find out the viral load. This information will tell us what kind of treatment he needs in order GET RID of the hepatitis.


Elizabeth and her 12-year-old friend, David. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Corless