The process behind our products

Hard marketing projects don’t get done without discipline. BlueModus® follows three proven, proprietary methodologies—our blueCLARITY® project management methodology, blueRHAPSODY® application development methodology, and blueASSURANCE® managed services and support framework—all to give you consistent quality that you can count on across every solution we develop.

Our process includes: 

  • Rapid prototyping and deployment
  • Rigorous standards
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Quality assurance across performance, testing and functionality
  • Best-in-class application deployment
  • On-demand support
Project Management
To ensure that your completed project is always on time, on budget, and of the highest quality, we employ this formal project management methodology. Based on industry standards and best practices, it specifies procedures, defines artifacts, and outlines four distinct phases that encompass all facets of every project.
Application Development
To deliver the highest quality software solutions, we've created our own application development methodology based on the Agile Unified Process (AUP). This flexible methodology delivers working, tested, deployable software incrementally to create value earlier in the project lifecycle and reduce risk.
We always ensure that your website and/or web applications are fully supported following launch, through providing everything from strategic consulting and road-mapping to enhancements and bug fixes. Clients can engage at the level that meets their needs through individual services or any combination of them.